Trustworthy – Dynamic – Comprehensive

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The Vision

There is a quiet revolution happening throughout the recruitment industry. February 2017 Atlas Rec2Rec Ltd threw open its doors to the recruitment world and since then has been working with the best recruitment talent within the UK and giving recruiters the opportunity to grow, develop and further their careers.

You are in safe hands

Why we stand out



We understand! “what if my boss finds out?” and “I don’t want my name getting out!” All our conversations are 100% totally confidential. Nothing is discussed without you giving us the green light.



We have walked in your shoes. We have been the candidate going for our 1st stage interview for a job we really want. We have been in a job we really hated, with no chance of promotion and we have been the frustrated hiring manager who can’t get the right type of candidate in for interviews. We understand and we do our upmost to assist and make life as simplistic as possible.



Adjective “Positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas” – We actively work you as a candidate to offer new and interesting opportunities, we are constantly thinking, working and processing.



Timely call backs; CV’s sent with incorrect information on; candidates attending interviews for unsuitable roles; unsolicited sending of CV’s correct and honest feedback. These are some of the issues we faced when working with other rec2rec throughout our careers. We’ve learnt from others mistakes and we focus on improving the whole service received from our clients and candidates.

Do the basics well every time and the rest just comes naturally” 


Since Atlas inception we have placed over 1 million pounds of salary


A network of 36 clients, nationwide. Ranging from single branch independent operations to huge international corporations


We average a 3k increase on our candidates basic salaries